3did of peptide-protein and protein-protein interactions
AagingBase Database of anti-aging peptides
ACEpepDB of peptides inhibiting Angiotensin I converting enzyme
AHTPDB of antihypertensive peptides
AllergenOnline Celiac Disease  Database of celiac-toxic peptides and proteins associated with the AllergenOnline database
AMPer of antimicrobial peptides and program searching for fragments with sequences similar to antimicrobial peptides in query protein sequence
ANTIMIC of antimicrobial peptides. Enables to search the similarities using BLAST
Antimicrobial Combination Networks  Database annotating information about combinations of antimicrobial drugs and peptides
ANTISTAPHYBASE containing peptides active against Staphylococcus aureus
AntiTbPdb of anti-tubercular peptides
APD of antimicrobial and anticancer peptides
ArachnoServer of toxic peptides and proteins from spider venoms
ATDB of toxic proteins and peptides of animal origin
AVPdb of antiviral peptides
BaAMPs of antimicrobial peptides tested against microbial biofilms
BACTIBASEhttp://bactibase.pfba-lab-tun.orgDatabase of antibacterial peptides (bacteriocins)
BactPepDB of predicted bacterial peptides
BAGEL2 of antibacterial peptides (bacteriocins)
BAGEL3 of antibacterial peptides (bacteriocins)
BAGEL4 of antibacterial peptides (bacteriocins)
BioLiP of protein-ligand interactions. Contains e.g. peptides known as protein ligands
BioPD of biologically active peptides
BioPepDB of bioactive peptides of food origin
BioTherapi of peptides revealing bioactivity and useful as drugs
Brainpeps of peptides passing through the blood-brain barrier
CAMP of antimicrobial peptides and proteins
CancerPPD of anticancer peptides
ClusterMine360 of non-ribosomal peptides including information about their pharmacological activity and genes encoding enzymes involved in biosynthesis
ConjuPepDBhttps://conjupepdb/ of peptide-drug conjugates
ConoMode of modes of binding between conotoxins and their targets
ConoServer of biologically active peptides of snails from the genus Conus
C-PAmP  Database of in silico predicted antimicrobioal peptides of plant origin
CPPsite of cell-penetrating peptides
Cybase  Database of cyclic proteins and peptides with various bioactivities
DADP of defense peptides. Includes mainly antimicrobial activities nvolved in biosynthesis
DAMPD of antimicrobial and hemolytic peptides
DBAASP of antimicrobial peptides
dbAMP of antimicrobial peptides
Defensins knowledgebase of antimicrobial peptides from the defensins family
DFPB of bioactive peptides from food
DPL of peptides being protein ligands
DRAMP of antimicrobial peptides
EROP-Moscowhttp://erop.inbi.ras.ruDatabase of biologically active peptides
FeptideDB of of bioactive peptides of food origin. Includes tools for proteolysis simulation and molecular docking to angiotensin concerting enzyme (EC
FermFooDB of bioactive peptides from fermented foods
Hemolytik of hemolytic peptides
HIPdb n>Database of HIV inhibiting peptides
Hmrbase of hormones, e.g. peptides
IMGT Immunoinformatics  Website providing access to databases of antimicrobial peptides
ImmunoSPdb of immunosupressing peptides
InverPep of antimicrobial peptides of invertebrate origin
Kalium  Database of toxic peptides from scorpion venom acting against potassium channels
KEGG Peptide of peptides annotated in KEGG datatabase
LabWorm Antimicrobial peptide  Metabase of antimicrobial peptides
LAMP of antimicrobial peptides
MBPDB of bioactive peptides from milk
MilkAMP of antimicrobial peptides from milk
NeuroPedia of neuropeptides including library of mass spectra
NeuroPep of neuropeptides
NORINE of nonribosomally synthesized bioactive peptides
OMICTools Peptide of peptides at the OMICTools website
ParaPep of antiparasitic peptides
PepBankhttp://pepbank.mgh.harvard.eduA database of biologically active peptides providing program searching for fragments with sequences similar to peptides in the database
PepPDB containing information about protein-peptide information
PepBind  Database containing information about protein-peptide interactions
Peplife containing information about halflife of experimentally validated therapeutic peptides
PepTherDia of peptides being approved drugs and diagnostic agents
PeptideDB database of biologically active peptides, peptide precursors and motifs in Metazoa
PepX of structures of protein-peptide complexes
PhytAMPhttp://phytamp.pfba-lab.orgDatabase of antimicrobial peptides and proteins of plant origin
PlantPepDBhttp:// of plant-originating bioactive peptides
Propedia of pepetide-protein interactions
ProPepper of peptides of cereal origin
Quorumpeps  Database of bioactive peptides. Structures are written in SMILES notation apart from single-letter code. Enables structure comparison between peptides and peptidomimetics
RAPD of recombinant antimicrobial peptides
SAPdb of short peptides, their modifications and self-assembly
SATPdb of bioactive peptides
SpirPep of bioactive peptides and program for proteolysis simulation
StraPep of biologically active peptides
SwePephttp://www.swepep.orgDatabase of biologically active peptides including sophisticated computing tools for peptide mass spectra interpretation
TCDB of membrane transporter families including several peptide families
THPdb of therapeutic peptides
TopicalPdb of peptides easily administered via skin, nose or eyes
TumorHoPe of tumor-recognizing peptides
WALTZ-DB of amyloid hexapeptides
YADAMP of antimicrobial peptides