articles.ELM finding articles related to linear motifs in protein sequences
BioEve for PubMed literature database screening
DeepQA4PA designed to find information about proteins via the gene ontologies

Program for finding and visualizing indirect associations between biomedical concepts (including displaying associated literature)
HT-SAShttp://htsas.ibb.waw.plProgram displaying Medline keywords and abstracts attributed to query protein sequence and its homologs
LabWorm Text mining providing access to tools for literature data mining
LitInspector for PubMed literature database screening
LitSense searching for biomedical information using sentences as the queries
Medline Ranker for Medline literature database screening
MiSearch for PubMed literature database screening
PaperMaker for validation of biomedical scientific publications
Profilic searching for literature data using protein names, UniProt entry names and accession numbers, protein sequences or nucleotide sequences as a queries
PubTator central for finding biological and medical concepts in full text articles
Sciencenethttp://sciencenet.kit.eduProgram for literature data mining
SIBLS for literature data mining in the area of biological sciences
TeamTat for text annotation
UKPMC article database based on PubMed repository