AntiCP for design of anticancer peptides
Bioinformatics Tools Onlinehttp:// providing access to programs for prediction protein and peptide properties change upon point mutation
CellPPD for design of cell-penetrating peptides
CycloPs supporting design of cyclic peptides. Program translates amino acid sequences into SMILES code and predicts some molecular features and physico-chemical properties.
GLUE-IT with the access to many programs able to process peptide sequences: e.g. constructing multiple alignments between sequences, secondary structure prediction calculating amino acids composition and profiles of physico-chemical features
D-Peptide Builder for design of combinatorial libraries of peptides.
Il-10Pred for design interleukin-10-inducing  peptides
PepComposer  Program supporting design of peptides binding to given protein surface
PepControls  Program for design of peptides acting as a controls in experiments concerning properties
PeptideMine supporting design of peptides interacting with proteins
MOSAIC for protein or peptide vaccine design
rMotifGen for design random DNA, protein or peptide containing characteristic motifs
TumorHPD for tumor homing peptide design