The Dairy Science and Cheese Making Faculty – the embryo of the present Faculty of Food Science – is established at the Higher School of Farming in Cieszyn.
September 1950Establishing the Dairy Science Faculty at the Higher School of Agriculture in Olsztyn.
2.10.195072 students begin their studies at the Dairy Science Faculty.

According to the regulation of the Minister of Higher Schools and Science, the following chairs are established at the Dairy Science Faculty:

  1. The Chair of Milk Science,
  2. The Chair of Microbiology,
  3. The Chair of Dairy Technology,
  4. The Chair of Cheese Making Technology,
  5. The Chair of Science of Dairy Machines,
  6. The Chair of Dairy Industry Economics.
1954Establishing the Department of Butter Technology.
1959Establishing the Chair of Food Technology and Preservation.
1965The Faculty obtains the right to grant the scientific titles of doctor.
1966Transforming the Dairy Science Faculty into the Faculty of Dairy Science and Food Technology. The beginning of the activity of the Chair of Food Biochemistry.
1.09.1970A reorganization of the organizational chart of the School, resulting in establishing 18 faculty institutes, 2 interfaculty institutes and 10 chairs out of 253 self-dependent chairs. At the Faculty of Dairy Science and Food Technology there are: the Institute of Food Engineering and Biotechnology, the Institute of Food Physics and Chemistry (with the Chair of Food Biochemistry), the Chair of Food Industry Economics and Organization.
1973The Faculty of Dairy Science and Food Technology was renamed the Faculty of Food Technology.
1978Within the framework of the branch of study: Food Technology and Human Nutrition, a new “human nutrition” speciality appears in addition to “dairy technology”. The Faculty obtains the right to grant scientific degrees of habilitated doctor and the right to teach at all levels of education.
1989Two new specialities are introduced at the Faculty: “food biotechnology” and “food products technology”.
1990Establishing the “meat technology” speciality.
1993Establishing a new speciality course: “management and marketing”.
1995By the resolution of the Senate, the Chair of Food Industry Economics and Organization was incorporated in the newly established Faculty of Management.
28.11.1997The Senate of the Academy of Agriculture and Technology calls into being a branch of study called Commodity Science with the speciality “quality supervision and control in food economy”.
1.09.1998The Faculty of Food Technology is renamed Faculty of Food Science.
1.10.1999Establishing a third field of study at the Faculty – Chemical and Process Engineering with the “food engineering” speciality. Around 1800 students study at the Faculty.