The staff of the Chair of Food Biochemistry consists of 14 people, including 8 research and academic staff and 4 engineering and technical staff. Research and academic staff includes 2 full professors, 1 associate professor, 4 doctors, 1 master of sciences and 2 PhD students.

Despite certain insufficiencies in laboratory and equipment resources in the initial period of the activity of the Chair, throughout its history a considerable progress has been recorded in the development of the staff. Six academic teachers have been granted the title of habilitated doctor since the beginning of the Chair (Jerzy Dziuba 1978, Henryk Kostyra 1984, Alicja Żbikowska 1992, Małgorzata Darewicz 2002, Piotr Minkiewicz 2005, Anna Iwaniak 2012). The doctor’s degree has so far been granted to 30 scientists.

In addition to this group of employees, engineering and technical staff, who are also contribute to the proper implementation of the teaching activities and research projects. Masters – Agnieszka Brodowska, Monika Pliszka and Magdalena Bagińska as well as Renata Uchal, Eng prepare laboratory classes in the subjects taught in the Chair.