Harlan crow library

Last Thursday, Harlan Crow was the keynote speaker at the Park Cities Historical and Preservation Society’s Distinguished Speaker Luncheon. Why? Because his home, the fabulous 4700 Preston Road, designed by Anton Korn, and his fantastic Americana collection will be featured on the society’s Historical Home Tour on April 12,.  Speaking at the Dallas Country Club,  Crow gave an overview of his vast collection, which he looks forward to sharing with friends and neighbors.

Harlan is the third son of Margaret and Trammell Crow. After World War II, Trammell Crow came to Dallas and created one of the most successful real estate empires in the U.S. Harlan began working at his father’s firm in 1974 after earning his bachelor’s in business administration at UT Austin. He is now the chairman and chief executive officer of Crow Family Holdings, a private family business that manages the Crow family capital. Harlan said he has long been fascinated with history, a love that began when he was eight years old. President Herbert Hoover visited his childhood home in Highland Park. Crow’s father, Trammell, gave him the president’s business card, which became the very first piece of Americana he would collect.

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