BENZ WS assigning protein to enzyme class on the basis of sequence
BRENDA of enzymes containing the information about optimal conditions of enzyme action
CaspNeuroD of predicted caspase cleavage sites in human proteins, associated with neurodegenerative diseases
CutDBhttp://cutdb.burnham.orgDatabase of specificity of less-known endopeptidases
DeepCleave predicting specificity of caspases.
Degradome databasehttp://degradome.uniovi.esDatabase of mammalian (e.g. human) proteolytic enzymes
ECPred for enzyme function prediction
EnzymeDetector providing overview of the available enzyme function annotations (including proteolytic ones) for a genome of interest
EnzymeMiner predicting enzymatic (e.g. proteolytic) activity of proteins.
Enzyme Predictor predicting specificity of proteolytic enzymes
ExplorEnzhttp://www.enzyme-database.orgDatabase of enzymes e.g. proteolytic
FunTree designed for classification of enzyme superfamilies including proteolytic enzymes
HIVcleave designed for prediction of HIV proteases cleavage sites in proteins and peptides
MEROPS of proteolytic enzymes
NeuroPred of sites of cleavage leading to the release of neuropeptides
Open Targets providing information about association of enzymes (including proteolytic) with diseases
PCPS predicting proteasome cleavage sites
PCSS providing information about association of enzymes (including proteolytic) with diseases
PepCleave II predicting peptides resulting from proteasome cleavage
Peptide-Cutter for proteolysis simulation.
PeptideMap for proteolysis simulation and calculation of masses of resulting peptides
PMAPhttp://www.proteolysis.orgDatabase of proteolytic events
POPS of proteolytic cleavage sites
Protease Classification System of proteolytic enzymes on the basis of amino acid sequences
Promis predicting enzyme promiscuity based on molecular signatures. May be applied e.g. to proteolytic enzymes
Proteolytic Enzymes Databasehttp://www.proteolyticenzymes.infoDatabase of proteolytic enzymes
ProtIdent classifying uncharacterized proteins as proteases or non-proteases and predicting possible action mechanism on the basis of amino acid sequences
SitePrediction predicting sites suceptible for proteolytic cleavage
SpirPep for proteolysis simulation linked to metabase of bioactive peptides