AGH Kraków e-chemiaAuthors: Jacek Banaś and Wojciech Solarski; Provider: AGH UST Kraków
Balancing Redox ReactionsAuthor: Eni Generalić
BigChem LecturesProvider: BigChem Project Consortium
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BioPath demo 
Brain-wiki-ChemiaAuthors: Elżbieta Bojarska, Zbigniew Czarnocki, Janusz Stępiński
ChemCollectiveProvider: Carnegie Mellon University
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ChemFanProvider: Gdańsk University of Technology
ChemguideAuthor: Jim Clark
Chemia Organiczna OnLineAuthor: Krzysztof Gębicki
Chemical Information Sources 
Chemie von A bis ZProvider: Internetchemie ChemLin
Chemistry Education ResourcesAuthor: Stephen Lower; provider: Simon Fraser University
ChemistryViews EducationProviders: ChemPubSoc Europe and Wiley-VCh
Chemoinformatics glossary 
ChemPathProvider: Brigham Young University
ChemTube3DProvider: University of Liverpool
ChemWiki (LibreTexts Project)Provider: LibreTexts non-profit organization
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CORINA demo 
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EniG Periodic Table of ElementsAuthor: Eni Generalić
Food – Tools and Science EducationProvider: Food and Drug Administration
General Chemistry GlossaryAuthor: Fred Senese; Provider: Frostburg State University
General Chemistry OnlineAuthor: Fred Senese; Provider: Frostburg State University
Glosario QímicoProvider: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
ICEPProvider: Indiana University
ICM Projektowanie lekówAuthor: Piotr Setny; provider: University of Warsaw
InChI Open Education ResourceProvider: InChI Trust
IUPAC Educational ResourcesProvider: IUPAC
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Khan AcademyFounder: Salman Khan
Khan Academy Organic ChemistryProvider: Khan Academy
Master Organic ChemistryAuthor: James Ashenhurst
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MolCalc beta
Jensen J. H., Kromann J. C., The Molecule Calculator: A web application for fast quantum mechanics-based estimation of molecular properties. Journal of Chemical Education, 2013, 90, 1093–1095. Abstract
Molecular Symmetry OnlineProvider: The Open University of Israel
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OpenSMILESProvider: Blue Obelisk Initiative
Organic Chemistry InfoProvider: University of Wisconsin Madison
Organic Chemistry Reference LecturesAuthor: Claude E. Wintner, provider: Haverford College
Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide 
Oxidation Numbers CalculatorAuthor: Eni Generalić
Periodic Table 
Portal: Analytical chemistry 
Portal: Chemistry 
Portal: Organic chemistry 
Portal: Physical chemistry 
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Preparation of solutionsAuthor: Eni Generalić
Principles of ChemistryProvider: Uniwersytet Śląski
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RSC educationProvider: Royal Society of Chemistry
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STRENDAProvider: Beilstein Institute – Chemia 
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Układ okresowy pierwiastkówProvider: Nowa Era
Virtual Textbook of Organic ChemistryAuthor: William Reusch 
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YAHOO Chemistry Section 

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