Food Components

AFCDBProvider: University of Alberta
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Codex Alimentarius 
Czech Food Composition DatabaseProvider: Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information
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DSLDProvider: National Institutes of Health
DTU FooddataProvider: Danish Technical University (DTU)
e-Baza izomerów transProvider: Instytut Żywności i Żywienia
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FDA-FoodProvider: Food and Drug Administration
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FOBI visualization tool
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Food AdditivesProvider: European Commission
FooDBProvider: University of Alberta 
Food-Info.netProvider: University of Wageningen
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JECFAProvider: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
LangualTMProvider: Danish Food Informatics
MCDBProvider: University of Alberta
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PFPŻ dodatki do żywnościProvider: Polska Federacja Producentów Żywności
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PhytoHubProvider: Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
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USDAProvider: U. S. Department of Agriculture
WHO Food SafetyProvider: World Health Organization